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Welcome to Super Streak

What is a Super streak?

If so desired, you can submit your streak here

Where can I see a list of streaks?

Click here!


The idea was inspired by the traditional 1 mile streak, with the traditional streak you can easily get the run done in ~12mins, that’s a coffee break right? The logistics of running 5 km each day seemed just the right balance between too easy and too hard, and gives the streak a little edge to it.

Why 45 mins?

According to google the average person can walk 5 km in 45 mins. This is supposed to be a run!

What if I run over midnight?

You may have 1 long continuous run that starts and ends on different days. This may count for two days if there is 5 km section under 45 mins in each calendar day.

I am flying and will be in the air for a day

If, and only if your flight arrives +2 days, i.e you take off on Friday and land Sunday, you may double the distance and time of your run either side of the flight to make up for the day in-the-air. I.e 10 km on the Friday or Sunday with the total of the 10 km done under 90 mins.

You may ask, why not force the runner to find a way to get the 5 km in, for example on the plane or in the airport. We already tried to keep a streak going in this situation, it is very tricky as there are many things out of your control. For example delayed flights, having luggage, or airport security wondering why you are doing figure of 8s around chairs (yes this happened!). Though we would prefer to be purists, this seemed like an acceptable compromise.

Can I run further and skip a day?


Can I have 1 day off?


What proof do I need?

We are following a scouts honour approach at the moment. That said, we will be adding an automated way to indicate current streaks are still live based on strava runs…

How do we know a streak is live?


I’m already streaking!

Good work! If you are already streaking we can add you in. There are just a couple of things to note:

I missed a day.

Take a day off. Have a tasty snack, and start again!